Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nokia E71 on Nokia USA

Nokia E71 has been launched yesterday on the website (LINK). It's a very pretty phone and successor to the E61. Interesting that there's no mention yet in the E71 specs of e-mail connectivity via Blackberry Connect, as there was with the E61 (LINK). More info at PCMag (LINK) and BoyGenius (LINK).

Brilliant little post from BoyGenius, relevant to my previous comment about Nokia, BlackBerry and marketshare. Just continues to amaze me how far superior Apple's marketing efforts are. That company is run like the fantasy of a tight military ship. From BG (LINK):

We won’t get into this too much, but which would you consider a better way to announce a highly-anticipated handset: “You can get it on July 11 for $199″ or “You can get it sometime in the third quarter for somewhere around $500″? But we digress. Some new live videos are popping up around the internet today from Nokia’s not-so-secret London launch event so if you want some live E66 and E71 action - again - go seek them out. In the meantime, we’re wondering what we should do with our E71? How about a nice “Will it Blend” video? This is what the E71’s market share will look like in the US because Nokia couldn’t get its act together and release it before July… Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

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