Thursday, June 19, 2008

Basic comparison: iPhone 2 vs BlackBerrys

Because my brother asked, here's a bit of a rundown of iPhone2 compared to current and expected BlackBerrys (mostly USA relevant). These are the key features that a typical small business user might care about. Kinda sad for a BlackBerry user like me to see. I may still be buying a Bold based solely on the physical keyboard but mmm that iPhone is attractive. Feature I didn't note in the table below is 3G network. Of course the new iPhone and Bold are 3G. I assume the Thunder is not but may correct this--no time to check right now. Yes, you could list other featurs of course, like the big screen on the iPhone, the varying qualities of the respective cameras etc but for me, the features below are the key items for getting work done. (More comprehensive comparisons linked from Fortune, here: LINK)

Apple Blackberry Blackberry Blackberry Blackberry

iPhone2 Thunder Bold Curve Pearl
carrier (AT&T) (Verizon) (AT&T) (Both) (Both)

visual voicemail yes yes no no no
push e-mail yes yes yes yes yes
IMAP e-mail yes no no no no
touchscreeen yes yes no no no
physical keyboard no no yes yes partial
iTunes yes ? sort of, they say no no
GPS yes assume so yes yes yes

mail yes only with server based software (BES--BlackBerry Enterprise Server)
calendar with .Mac only with server based software (BES) OR to Google Calendar
contacts with .Mac only with server based software (BES)
MS Exchange yes yes, but needs BES software on top

applications should be lots and easily installed lots but kind of variable and often annoying to install

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