Monday, December 24, 2012

replacing hard drive on Iomega Storcenter ix2-200

A hard drive on my Iomega Storcenter ix2-200 drive died the other day. This is a simple unit that runs two mirrored hard drives for data protection. Nowhere, anywhere could I find information about how to replace the drive, except for a complicated PDF that didn't seem to quite match my unit. Assuming that in some way I'd figure it out, I went to BestBuy, grabbed a replacement drive (Seagate 1TB "Barracuda" desktop drive), and started to open the Storcenter. Super easy. Just pull two screws on the base, slip out the defective drive, a few more screws for the mounting enclosure, replace drive, and voila, push it back in and tighten it up. Turning on the device within minutes it was re-mirroring the drives.

Iomega has one of the worst websites ever. And no one on the Internet seems to have posted anything about drive replacement for this specific device. Could it be that everyone thinks it's so easy that they don't need to post anything? So, in the interest of the greater good, this post.