Thursday, November 20, 2014

quick Motorola Droid Turbo review

In my prior post I was complaining about Android but I've since resolved those complaints by buying the most powerful Android phone out there. I'm still astounded that Android doesn't assist in dialing a number with extension suffix. But otherwise, for me, it's the best operating system. Perhaps this is fixed in the new version, Lollipop.

There are lots of reviews out about the Motorola Droid Turbo. This phone, currently only available on Verizon but launching on other services under another name, is essentially a jumped up Moto X. It has a higher definition screen, wireless charging, a higher megapixel camera and a much bigger battery. It also lacks the 560 something variations of the Moto X that you can get through the MotoMaker online customization system. There are two glass fiber colors and a unit with a ballistic nylon back. That's the version I've got.

I bought it for one reason: bigger battery. The device on contract is $100 more than the Moto X but it comes with the $35 Turbo Charger, so in a sense it's only $65 more as this Turbo Charger will also work with the Moto X.

After two weeks of use (I bought it the day it was released) I'm very happy with my purchase but its only real value over the Moto X is the larger battery. Because the Droid Turbo also has a higher def screen, I'm guessing that the bigger battery doesn't provide as much extended use as it would if the same battery were in the Moto X. Apparently it's impossible to really tell the difference between the screen resolutions. But it comfortably gets me into the next day and that's more than I've ever been able to say for any other phone. Under very heavy use, I've had it fail me once at the very end of a long day, so the claimed 48 hour battery is certainly a "your mileage will vary" situation. It's not as nice a device in your hand as the Moto X, but it feels great to me. It's certainly quite heavy but this doesn't bother me.

Overall, I've never had a phone I've liked as much. The Motorola features added into what is essentially stock Android are all welcome extra value. All of the Verizon apps are worthless to me and annoying that they can't be deleted.