Monday, January 23, 2012

why I love my BlackBerry

Josh Topolsky, Editor-in-Chief of the Verge, asked on Twitter if anyone in the world actually LOVES their BlackBerry, not just liked it.

My response was YES, because it's a smartPHONE not a little computer. And I want a smartPhone not a little computer.

My BlackBerry works as a phone. It does e-mail perfectly. You can text without errors because it has a physical keyboard. Contacts are seemlessly integrated into Calendar, E-mail, Phone. And it still does those functions demonstratably better than Android or iOS. It's a device that has stood the test of time for those functions. If those are the functions you want, it's beautiful.

Additionally, and very importantly, the latest BlackBerry is physically a wonderful device to hold, nicer at least to my hands than anything else out there.

I also own a Nexus S with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It simply can't compare for the four functions of Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, Phone, not merely because it doesn't have a physical keyboard but because the interaction with those four functions are simply not as well thought through and hasn't gone through the inumerable revisions of the BlackBerry OS.

BlackBerry's are vintage devices, even in the newest model. There's a virtue in that vintage that some users appreciate and even love, but it's questionable whether it can survive in the market that way.

But everything else on the BlackBerry is a shadow of what's on other devices.