Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick overview of 4 file sync services: Memeo, SugarSync, Dropbox, LiveMesh.

I realized I'm used four file sync services. And this doesn't even include Google Docs or the miscellaneous Microsoft products (Sharepoint etc). Consolidation anyone?

MemeoConnect. Advantages: a nice interface for viewing of Google Docs. Particularly helpful if you want to "double-click" on a native Office file stored in Google Docs, edit it, and then seamlessly re-save it into Google without having to download and then re-upload.

SugarSync: Advantages: BlackBerry program that allows you to seamlessly sync folders with your BlackBerry and then using DocsToGo, view or edit documents.

DropBox: Advantages: Ubiquitous. Seems to be the most common file sync system.

LiveMesh: Advantages: Nicest interface, in my opinion. This is what I use the most. Even though it's Microsoft, there's a Mac client version. I haven't yet spent much time with the new versions of online Microsoft Office, but it's a different product than LiveMesh. Microsoft alone needs some consolidation among their confusing offerings. LiveMesh. Sharepoint. Sharepoint Communicator. SkyDrive. No where on their site is simple explanation of why you'd want one versus the others. Egregious. 

What do you see as key advantages? I'm sure there are ones they I've missed?