Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Salesforce and Google contacts sync

I've been experimenting with the newly released sync between Salesforce and Google contacts. Released as a free application accessible even to the lowest Team edition users, Appiro's product (LINK) does a good job in my experience so far. Customization is limited (as is the documentation) but with my Google Apps account the sync both directions works well, with some exceptions.

> Occasionally a contact won't sync. Usually I understand the reason. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. After each sync, if there are exceptions, you get an e-mail with exceptions listed.

> As far as I can tell, it will only sync the main e-mail field. I have multiple e-mail fields set up in both programs, but there's no way to set-up custom field mapping.

I'll provide a more comprehensive report later, but good news is no lost data so far.

(And for BlackBerry users, who are still without an easy OTA sync without use of BES, one nice thing about the Appiro product is that all of your contacts are in this way synced from Salesforce, over to Google and then accessible using the Google Mail application on your BlackBerry. Not the speediest service (though for me a switch to Verizon has made all the difference) but at least you can access them in a pinch. To get my contacts into the regular BlackBerry addressbook, I still occassionally sync one-way from SalesForce to Outlook, and then via cable to the BB.)

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