Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Someone asked me for a list of "must have" office tools . . .

. . . so if you care:

Google for Applications
Microsoft Office (yes, true, absolutely necessary despite how good Google Apps are)
Mozy.com for off-site backup
Lightweight laptop (MacBook Air, Lenovo X61, Lenovo X300 or comparable)
Big monitor at home with external keyboard and wireless mouse
Good office chair
Verizon wireless cellular modem for laptop (pricey but necessary if you rely on web applications)
Blackberry (need real keyboard, not iPhone)
Moleskine graphpaper notebook
Nice briefcase from SFBags
Noise canceling headphones
JawBone bluetooth earpiece (incomparable)
A headset for Skype, perhaps
Blackberry charger that with the right connecting cables will charge phone, bluetooth earpiece and iPod
A thumbdrive
A tiny flashlight
Slip on shoes for travel through airports
Non-metallic belt

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