Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Google Apps + Salesforce: needs more mashing

The mashup of Google Apps + Salesforce needs more mashing. GMail, the front man of this act, is hardly more than a unidirectional link. From within Salesforce you can now e-mail any contact and have that e-mail recorded in their Salesforce contact record. Similarly, you can produce the same effect from within GMail. But you'll only get that first conversation recorded, nothing more. And you'll have no link back to Salesforce because all it's really doing is bcc-ing the e-mail to your Salesforce system, looking up the receipient's e-mail address and recording the text of the e-mail. How disappointing. I'd been dreaming about a much tighter integration, ideally where GMail resided within Salesforce allowing you to record all your back and forth conversations. GoldMine, a CRM that probably predates the web, had such functionality. Why the heck can't Salesforce?

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